What we offer

The excellent organization of the company, the extensive experience and expertise of the staff and the fact that ERGAFON is fully equipped with the most modern equipment and machinery, gives us the opportunity to provide any service in telecommunications, such as:

  • The advice, research, design and techniques for the supply and installation of telecommunication networks for voice, data and video.
  • Calculation, survey and installation of telecommunications equipment, in accordance with the requirements of international organizations (ITU, ETSI, CEPT).
  • Integrated installation of telecommunication networks (turn key solutions), starting from finding land / roof and converting to full operating base station, performing all the intermediate steps, such as licensing and design of the structure, placing the pillar and finally implement  equipment and machinery installation.
  • Construction works and infrastructure on site at which telecommunications equipment will be installed.
  • Study, supply and installation of metal structures (tubular masts, parabolic antennas, passive mirrors, panels, earthing and lightning protection, metallic racks for waveguides / coaxial cables etc.).
  • Check and repair metallic towers, passive mirrors of all types, grounding measurements and inspection / maintenance of lightning protection for base stations, as well as inspection and maintenance of aviation lighting systems.
  • Expansions, improvements and changes to networks, which are already in operation (Live Networks).
  • Complete installation of DSLAM equipment, which includes structured cabling to customers distributor and the activation of the equipment.
  • Structured cabling (optical / electrical) for base stations, buildings and NOC (Network Operations Center).
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment and facilities.
  • Dismantling, packing and shipping of all types of telecommunications equipment and materials.