Photo Album

Since a picture is equivalent to a thousand words, find in this section photographs, as sample of our work on various technologies. (Click on the respective image and then navigate using left/right arrows)










SDH Technology (SRT1F, SRT1C, SRT1S, SRT1, SRA4, CTR190)
PDH Technology (RTN980, RTN950, RTN910, FLEXIPACKET, SRAL-XD, SRAL, CTR210)
2G/3G/LTE Technology (RBS, BTS)
Multiplexing (HiT7080, HiT7070, HiT7060, SMA1, SMA4, OMS1664, OMS1200)
DWDM Technology (OptiX OSN880, OSN6800)
Data Centers and cabling (Cabinets, Structure Cabling, False Floor)
Metallic Construction (Tubular Masts, Metallic ladders/trays, all type of brackets)