SIEMENS with contract

  • Installation, activation and upgrade of high / low capacity links (SDH/PDH, electrical or optical) for our client projects, on behalf of VODAFONE, WIND, COSMOTE, OTE and FORTHNET.
  • Installation of LMDS terminals for COSMOTE.
  • Corrective interventions (1st and 2nd grade) in high / low capacity links (SDH/PDH) for our client, on behalf of VODAFONE, WIND and FORTHNET.
  • Installation, activation and upgrade of multiplexers, distribution and termination of cables, distribution and termination of optical fiber, on behalf of ΟΤΕ.
  • Installation and activation of DSLAM systems on behalf of ΟΤΕ and FORTHNET.
  • Disposal of qualified engineers to install and activate a variety of equipment, worldwide.